2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 E85

Bientôt rouler avec ? 100%? Adapter un système ?
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2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 E85

Message par moxima » mer. 10 août 2011 12:10

Hi all

I´m from Spain, sorry.... I cannot speak or write in French, only read a little :oops: but this is the best euro forum about E85 Flex fuel ethanol vehicles I have able to find...

I have a 2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 V6. I´m thinking to fill the tank with E85 (near my house there is a new ethanol gas station). Mine has the green inyectors and fuel parts are the same to FFV model, except the fuel pump...My idea is to fill the tank with 20% of E85 the first time.

Can I run my minivan with E85 without problems? Any advice or recomendation?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: 2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 E85

Message par pham » mer. 10 août 2011 13:37

Welcome, Moxima. As always, the basics are :
1/ fill her up gradually such as 20%, 40%, 50% E85 until the MIL (malfunction indicator light-"voyant défaut moteur") comes on, which means the engine management has used up all its margins for compensation
2/ watch out for your fuel filter : it's good practise to replace it a few thousand kilometers after she tasted E85 at high dosages, as ethanol removes gummed-up deposits in the fuel tank and fuel hoses, and the deposits end up clogging the filter
3/ always keep around 15 - 20% straight gasoline,
-since E85's percentages higher than 75 - 80% are counter-productive : leads to much higher fuel use than can be compensated for by the fuel's lower price, and reduces vehicle's range notably
-helps smooth out cold-starts (ethanol hates low temperatures) and lengthen the starter's life
-50% E85 already gives you about the same operating costs as a diesel, while enjoying all of a gasoline engine's advantages
4/ search the forum for keywords such as "Voyager"
5/ disclaimer : all advice dispensed on this forum are to be used with discernment and always involve some risk ; the author of advice cannot be made liable for any mishap to people or vehicles.
6/ give up car use and enjoy walking or biking whenever practical/possible
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Re: 2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 E85

Message par moxima » jeu. 11 août 2011 07:08

Hi pham,

Thaks for your fast response and advices.... I´m very impacient for test E85 in my Voyager.... In this forum I´ve readed another test in Chrysler´s and seems positive :D

Now is very difficult to find any ethanol pump here in Spain, only in 2-3 big cities (one almost side2side to my house :mrgreen: ) and the price is very tempting: 1,07€ E85 -1,35€ SP95.



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Re: 2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 E85

Message par CEYAL » mer. 24 août 2011 21:39

Hola Moxima
Bienvenido en este forum para conocer a todo sobre E85

+1 con Pham
Muy a menudos, al alcanzar 70-80% E85 esta bien ... no vale la pena ir mas alla (arranque mas dificil si hace frio y demasiado consumo adicional)

El precio de 1,07 me parece bastante alto comparandolo con el del RON95= 1,35 (Francia Hoy E85=0,85 RON95=1,45 E10=1,40)
Al fin del ano 2008, el precio en Francia estaba E85=0,80€ y RON95=1,05 ... con resultado E85 casi irrelevante

Con un gran porcentaje de E85, el consumo excesivo muy a menudos alcanza a un 20-25% ;
el beneficio económico depende de los precios del combustible y del consumo adicional vease http://www.super-ethanol.fr/forumE85/vi ... f=24&t=574

Con las cifras en Espna, ratio E85/RON95 = 1,07/1,35= 79%
Con un Consumo excesivo = +20% ==> el beneficio es de 5% con un consumo adicional de +25% : el beneficio se cae a un pequeno 1% (vease las tablas de http://www.super-ethanol.fr/forumE85/vi ... f=24&t=574)

Pero E85 es une escuela muy interesante para conocer a todo sobre funcionamiento de un sistema de inyeccion y mucho mas

Buen viaje